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Unit 11
Section 2 : Community
and beliefs…read more

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2.1 ­The meaning & importance of
belief in Muhammad as the Seal of
the Prophets
Key terms Definition
Hadith Sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad
recorded by his family and friends.
Sunnah The sayings and deeds of the Prophet.…read more

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b) Explain what is meant by the seal of the prophets.
The word seal means `to close finally
and irrevocably'. Prophets are
messengers that Allah (s.w.t) sent
down to the Earth to guide people
towards the right path. Muhammad
(p.b.u.h) delivered the final message
from Allah and so he is called the `seal
of the prophets' because he brought a
message that was not tampered with.…read more

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2.2 ­Why the Qur'an has supreme
authority for Muslims
Key terms Definition
Authority The power and right to make demands of others.
Bismillah The words that begin every surah.…read more

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c) Explain why the Qur'an has supreme authority
for Muslims. (8)
Muslims believe it
It is the first great
contains the exact
miracle for Muslims
words of Allah
It was recited by the
It has never been
Prophet then recorded
changed or tampered
word for word by his
companions…read more

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2.3 ­How & why Muslims show
b) Do you think people should show respect for the
respect for the Qur'an
Qur'an more than any other books. Give 2 reasons.
· The Qur'an is one of the 5 holy books in
which Allah (s.w.t) has sent down for
mankind by Prophets.
· The Quran is the only holy book which
has not been changed or tampered with.
This makes the book more holy which
deserves more respect.…read more

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