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The meaning and significance of shahadah :
Do you think reciting shahadah makes someone a member or a religion ? ( 2
Yes , I believe reciting the shahadah makes someone a member of a
religion. Firstly the shahadah is the basic belief for ALL Muslims. The
ummah is the world wide Muslim community , and with everyone
following the same basic belief, is shows unity, which is what being part
or a religion is about.
Secondly to BECOME a Muslim you have to say the shahadah: even if
someone prays, fasts and lives their life as a "Muslim" they aren't truly
one without saying the Shahadah ( one of the 5 pillars of Islam)
Explain why Shahadah is significant:
1 Muslims believe that the whole purpose of life for human beings is
to worship Allah alone : the shahadah confirms this my stating
"there is not God but Allah" empathising the greatness of Allah.
2 A Muslim performs every act in the name of and to see pleasure
of Allah. This is ibadah (worship) .Everything a Muslims does
during the day must be motivated by this idea.
3 Allah gave humans life and they have a responsibility to live it the
way Allah would want : the only way to do this is follow the Quran
and the Prophet.
4 The belief Mohammed is the messenger of Allah is also important
as he is the Last prophet and is a role model for all Muslims :
which is why he is mentioned in the shahadah
The practice and significance of salah
Why is salah significant:
1 Muslims see it as a way of getting closer to their lord ­ by praying
to Him theyre getting to know Him.

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Its a way of indentifying with the worldwide Muslim community; to
pray at the same time , at the same direction for the same reason
, strengthens the ummah.
3 It helps Muslims become more punctual. Sometimes people forget
things like birthdays , meetings etc but by having something you
are obliged to do (salah) is helps Muslims become more alert and
punctual.…read more

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Secondly some Muslims don't even give zakat even though
it is wajib(obligatory ) .This makes the percentage of poor Muslims getting
help also decrease; if Muslims do not give the compulsory, they will def not
help out and give a bit of extra charity.
Nicely written in the text book i dnt need to summarise.
Good points for d part against zakah removing greed:
In some cases, ppl are so rich it doesn't make a difference to them to give 2.…read more

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Reasons for fasting:
Clearly described: i cbb!
M and S of Eid al fitr
"eid al-fitr is an excuse to get together like any other celebration.…read more

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It enables Muslims from all over the world diff colours,races, genders
to come together ­ no one would be singled out
Secondly hajj is open to all Muslims ­ theres no conditions on which
3.…read more

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Reinforcing Arafat promises, commited to Allah
Most of time is spent reading the Quran, listening to talks discussions,
examples of total submission to Allah
Eid al adha:
Point in the book or choose the alternative questions!…read more



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