Islam Ethics: Jihad

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Jihad To struggle against evil.
Greater Jihad The struggle that every Muslim
faces to overcome evil and
temptation is his/her daily life.
The Five Pillars help Muslims to overcome evil
and to become better people:
Shahadah: it is the statement of faith
made by every Muslim.
Salah: formal prayer in Arabic five times
a day.
Zakah: giving a sum of money to the
poor once a year (2.5%)
Sawm: it is fasting during the holy
month of Ramadan from sunrise to
Hajj: it is a pilgrimage to Makkah at
least once in a lifetime.
Shahadah and Salah remind Muslims to put Allah
first every day in their lives. Zakah purifies
Muslims from selfishness and reminds Muslims
that they have a duty to care for the poor.
Sawm teaches Muslims self-discipline and helps
them to empathise with those who are hungry.
Hajj helps Muslims to put aside all worldly
concerns and to humble themselves before
Allah. The Five Pillars remind Muslims that they
are not alone in their struggle against evil and
temptation because millions of other Muslims

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Five Pillars. They pray and fast
together as a community.
Lesser Jihad `Holy war' and it applies to
conflict between countries (not
In certain situations, Muslim men have a duty to
fight. Any Muslim who dies in defence of Islam
will be welcomed into Paradise. In the early
years of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad fought
several holy wars against the Makkan army to
defend Islam.
`Allah love whom who fight in his cause'.…read more


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