Is Rice production in Loa sustianable

pretty much a case study when looking at sustinable food production

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Rice production Lao
The demand for rice is expected to grow substantially, as the population is currently growing at 2.5% per
Rice production in the country is subsistenceoriented. It is produced mainly by small farm households that
have an average farm size of less than 2 hectares. Although rice production is the single most important
economic activity, accounting for 39% of agricultural gross domestic product, very little rice is currently
Rain irrigation (90%)
cold temperature
poor soil fertility
Insects pests result in
significant crop losses during
both the wet and dry seasons
Pests such as rodents
responsible for 15% annual
Weeds the control of these
pests is the single most labour intensive operation
Labour shortages
Lack of access to credit and markets
Annual drought and flooding are the most serious constraints to rice cultivation throughout the Central and
Southern regions, and the third most serious in the Northern Region. Regular flooding of the Mekong
River affects 10%­30% of the rice area in the Southern and Central regions

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Genetic Engineering, for example strain of rice which are suited to Lao conditions and resistant to
Improved nutrient management technology, such as the application of organic and inorganic
Planting varieties that are resistant to pests, this is cheaper and more sustainable that using
pesticides…read more


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