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Researchers should be aiming for very less bias, expectations & prejudice. For a
researcher to be scientific, one should not have expectations of what the
outcome could be.

Popper stated this as he said to a set of students: "observe". After a while, as
nothing happened, the students asked:…

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In contrast, if a theory is very general and unspecified, then predictions are
vague and multiple and the theory is impossible to falsify. A classic example is
Freud's theory. Take the example of a boy raised by a harsh, rejecting mother
and a weak father. He may, according to the…

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As regards to psychology, Kuhn argues that it is still at the pre-science state with
no overall paradigm for two main reasons. First, there are many conflicting
approaches. Second, the subject matter of psychology is so diverse, ranging
from topic areas bordering on sociology, biology and neurology that researchers


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