Is Montanism a Heresy or Not? Notes

A2 Unit 4 Church History Notes on Montanism

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Heresy Healthy Revival
Montanus himself was seen It started as a reaction to the
as priest of Cybele, a cult at increasing moral laxity and
that time formation of the church
The Catholic Bishops Montanism was also described
thought it was heresy as a reaction to the ethority of
because the women has such the bishops but not everyone
a major role in it would agree with that
The bishops thought the However some people say
leaders of Montanism were Jerome was trying to discredit
demon possessed-speaking Montanus
in tongues
Synods of the catholic John De Soyes says all we can be
church condemned sure about is that Montanism
Montanism before 193(33) existed and all other info is
202 Praxeas persuaded rumours
Bishop of Rome to condemn
A Synod at Iconism ordered The imprisoned Christians at
that converts from Lyon sent a letter to the
Montanism be re-baptised churches in Phydia and Asia and
(d.268) a luqtherous bishop in Rome
asking them not to be severe
with the Montanists.
1 Tertullian joined Montanism
Some people thought they Bigg says they were orthodox in
were a heresy because they doctrine and contributed to
gave prophecies in the first form of crede (first to give title
person (I) God to the Holy Spirit)
Was Montanism a Heresy?

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