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Is ecologism merely a
utopian philosophy?…read more

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· Utopian: Belief in a perfect form of
society, implies `unrealistic'
· Philosophy: A set of views and theories of a
particular philosopher
concerning such study or an aspect of
Remember to
define key
terms in the
introduction!…read more

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· Change consciousness of humanity - utopian
· Philosophical movements develop into
· Enlightenment: develop of new philosophies,
they're not regarded as utopian
· Ecologism is a philosophical revolution…read more

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· Philosophies of individual self-realisation over
social religions that provide ethical codes,
such as Buddhism and Taoism
· Mysticism is often criticised as `quackery',
with no basis either in science or the human
imagination…read more

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Arne Naess
· Proposes to turn back progress ­ simpler life
· Explored by anarchists, is regarded as an
alternative way of life e.g. Israeli kibbutzim
· Ecology demands all humankind must eschew
progress = utopian
· `Natural' human population: 100
million = unachievable and utopian…read more


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