Ireneaus' Theodicy

An outline of Irenaeus' theodicy, as I learnt in class

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Irenaeus' Theodicy (130202 AD)
God's aim when he created the world was to make humans flawless, in His likeness
Human perfection must develop through free choice it cannot be readymade
God gave humans free choice and therefore, the potential to disobey God
If there were never any possibility of evil, there would be no potential to disobey God, for if
God made humans `ready perfected', they would have no free will
Therefore, the natural order had to be designed, with the possibility of causing harm and
humans had to be imperfect and God had to stand back from His creation
Humans used their freedom to disobey God, causing suffering
God cannot compromise human freedom by removing evil
Eventually, evil and suffering will be overcome and everyone will develop into God's
likeness, living in the glory of heaven
This justifies temporary evil
This is a soulmaking theodicy.


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