notes from the 1867-1916

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1867- Electoral Reform act = split the liberal party
1867= Manchester Martyrs
1868-1874 = Gladstone's 1st ministry
Liberal was previously conservative, Disraeli = `Gods Only Mistake'
Laissez Faire attitude
Wanted to pacify Ireland for political, religious and person beliefs reasons.
Religious ­ `the god of Justice and freedom. Political wanted to unite his party after the
electorate act in 1867
The situation he inherited in 1868 was land, religious and nationalist grievances
1869= Irish Church Act
Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, 4.5 million Catholics 0.75 million COI
Anglican Bishops no longer get seat in HOC
10% tithes no longer paid to COI
Disendowment= £13millon fro secular purposes + £10 million to COI
Tenants allowed to buy church land 6000 tenants did
Bill passed in HOC and with difficulty in the HOL
Church act = `one of the more successful Irish legislation passed by Gladstone'
1870= Irish Land Act + Home Rule Association set up by Isaac Butt = non sectarian
Wanted 3 F's
The Ulster Custom= Had right of free sale + compensation if removed
Eviction- Evictees compensated for any improvements made
Land Purchase- `John Bright Clauses' so tenants could obtain 2/3 of the price of the land as
a loan from the state (5% interest over 35 years) = Failed as no incentive for landlords to sell
Rents- Were not to be exorbitant
Tenants on long leases were not included in the act so Landlords increased the leases
Rural violence continued as Act = FAILURE they wanted 3 F's
1870- Gladstone released Fenians prisoners= Rural violence continues
1871 ­ Coercion Act
Removal of Civil rights
Police given additional powers of imprisonment
Gladstone didn't want Coercion but had to also indicated failure of Land Act
1872- Secret Ballot in all elections
1873 ­ Irish Universities Bill
Catholics had no major degree awarding institution
Non denominational university proposed by emerging Trinity College and Catholic colleges
Problem = How to teach controversial subjects such as History and RE
Trinity rejected

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New catholic College would get no financial help from state
Failed to pass in HOC by 3 votes, Gladstone resigns But Disraeli didn't want to be PM so
Gladstone forms a minority gvt.…read more

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Parnell said act was inadequate, Gladstone warned Parnell, Parnell Criticised Gladstone
further and Parnell was arrested under coercion act terms of 1881 + land league was banned
Parnell sent to Kilmainham jail and issued no rent manifesto ­ but mostly ignored. Parnell said
that being in prison `was the best thing that ever happened to him' as it turned him into a
martyr for the cause
1882 ­ April Kilmainham Treaty
Parnell wanted negotiation as his mistress was pregnant, land act had defeated land league.…read more

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Conservatives 249
Liberals 335
IPP 86
IPP had balance over power Parnell initially with conservatives but after Gladstone's
conversion he was with liberals
1886- Gladstone's 3rd Ministry + 1st Home Rule Bill
2 closely related bills = Home rule bill + Land purchase bill
Home Rule Bill = bi cameral first order= upper house second order = 204 MPS, Irish Mps no
longer to sit at Westminster + Westminster gvt would handle external affairs
Land purchase bill 50 million to buy out all landlords but…read more

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Pay for land = annual payments over 68 years at 3.…read more

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March ­ again a county by county opt out system but Carson + unionists also agreed but
wanted 6 county opt out
Redmond also agree for partition
May 1914 = 6 county opt out for 6 years amended by Lords to 9 county exclusion for ever
but bill rejected by Commons
1914 March- Curragh Mutiny
1,000 regular troops based at various Barracks in Ireland
Secretary of State of War decided to reinforce troops in Ulster led to rumours that gvt
wanted to invade Ireland and…read more

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Position of rebels = hopeless they were outnumbered so they had to flee within a week
were found
450 rebels + civilians killed with 116 soldiers + police
Martial law declared = army now in control of law and order in Dublin
People thought Sinn Fein responsible
3,000 arrests, 160 imprisoned without trial, 90 trialled and sentenced to death
British were `canonising their prisoners' brutal ways in which British dealt with them led to an
increase in sympathy for their cause therefore led to…read more


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