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1867- Electoral Reform act = split the liberal party

1867= Manchester Martyrs

1868-1874 = Gladstone's 1st ministry

Liberal was previously conservative, Disraeli = `Gods Only Mistake'
Laissez Faire attitude
Wanted to pacify Ireland for political, religious and person beliefs reasons.
Religious ­ `the god of Justice and freedom. Political wanted…

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New catholic College would get no financial help from state
Failed to pass in HOC by 3 votes, Gladstone resigns But Disraeli didn't want to be PM so
Gladstone forms a minority gvt. Lost support from Catholic Church

1874 ­ General elections

Liberals fell from 66 to 12 so Conservative…

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Parnell said act was inadequate, Gladstone warned Parnell, Parnell Criticised Gladstone
further and Parnell was arrested under coercion act terms of 1881 + land league was banned
Parnell sent to Kilmainham jail and issued no rent manifesto ­ but mostly ignored. Parnell said
that being in prison `was the best…

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Conservatives 249
Liberals 335
IPP 86
IPP had balance over power Parnell initially with conservatives but after Gladstone's
conversion he was with liberals

1886- Gladstone's 3rd Ministry + 1st Home Rule Bill

2 closely related bills = Home rule bill + Land purchase bill
Home Rule Bill = bi cameral…

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Pay for land = annual payments over 68 years at 3.25 interest but didn't do much for
landless labourers

1906-1910- The Liberal Government = Step by Step measures

Conservatives + Balfour resigned = 1905
1906 Liberals landslide victory = 400 Bannerman PM till 1908 then Asquith till 1915
Manifesto on…

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1914 March ­ again a county by county opt out system but Carson + unionists also agreed but
wanted 6 county opt out

Redmond also agree for partition
May 1914 = 6 county opt out for 6 years amended by Lords to 9 county exclusion for ever
but bill rejected…

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Position of rebels = hopeless they were outnumbered so they had to flee within a week
were found


450 rebels + civilians killed with 116 soldiers + police
Martial law declared = army now in control of law and order in Dublin
People thought Sinn Fein responsible
3,000 arrests,…


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