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Case Study
Iran's Baby Boomers.
Iran's population was 70 million appox. according to the 2006 census, with nearly 1/4
of its people ages 15 or younger.
· The Islamic Republic of Iran is undergoing a demographic and socioeconomic
· 18 million 'baby boomers' ­ young men and women born between 1979 and
· Throughout much of 1980s, population growth accelerated rapidly.
· The emergence of 'baby boomers' into adulthood offers the country the
possibility of economic growth ­ if young people are provided with skills and
opportunities to become productive economically.
· It could result into a second 'baby boom' if the success of the country's family
planning efforts are not sustained.
· The country's youthful population structure and long life expectancy (70 avg.)
means that the country will eventually have to confront a large proportion of
people over 65compared with younger people.
· 2002, people over the age of 65 accounted for about 5% of the whole
· Where as this group will account for almost ¼ of the population by 2050
· Migration of Afghan refugees to Iran, as well as the migration of large numbers
of people form rural to urban areas, are other important demographic concerns.


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