Investigations that factors are needed for photosynthesis

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Investigations that show that light, carbon
dioxide and chlorophyll are necessary for
Leaves can be destarched by leaving the plant in the dark for at least two days. This
will ensure that any starch already in the leaves will be removed and stored elsewhere
in the plant, or used by the plant during this period.
A leaf that is partially covered with black paper or black tile will
produce yellowbrown color in the starch test because no
photosynthesis occurred as light is a needed factor for
Carbon Dioxide
To show that carbon dioxide is needed, it is necessary to
compare a leaf that is removed from carbon dioxide and one with
a good supply of it. In order to remove carbon dioxide from the
leaf you can add soda lime and carbon dioxide will be removed
from the air.
Some plants are variegated which means that they are partly
green with chlorophyll and partly white. If it will be tested for
starch the result will show that the green parts contain starch and
white doesn't.


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