Inverted U Theory

Revision notes on inverted U theory for AS Physical Education, Skill Aquisition module.

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Inverted U Theory
When under aroused, the perceptual field of the athlete will widen excessively.
Selective attention would not operate causing a loss of focus and concentration.
A condition of information overload would exist, which would impede efficient
decision making and reduce the possibility of efficient performance.
When over aroused, the perceptual field of the athlete will narrow excessively,
selective attention would not operate and detection of important environmental
cues would be impaired. A condition of hypervigilance would exist impeding
efficient decision making and reducing the possibility of efficient performance.
At the optimal threshold of arousal, the perceptual field adjusts to the correct
width, allowing the athlete to selectively attend to the relevant cues. The theory
that predicts the correct choice of cue is cue utilisation. This ensures efficient
decision making increasing the possibility of the best potential performance.


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