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Sociology ­ The Family

Family and Household's

There are many definitions of what a family is. A common held view is that the family is a social
group with legal or blood ties. This means that adopted children are married partners make up a
family. This makes the idea of…

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the welfare system. He says that the families current role is to provide vital primary socialization
and mental stability for adults. Parsons calls this mentally stability the "warm bath" theory, as the
family provides a place of comfort and relaxation for the male when he returns home from work.

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whereas many do take pride in being the caring member of the household and that their work in
the house often keeps it together.

The Decline in Family

Over recent years the family has been somewhat in decline. There has been an increase in
divorce, a growth in single parents,…

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Throughout history class has greatly impacted childhood. Aries identified that during
industrialization working class children as young as five were being viewed as "young adults"
and were often seen to be "economically assets" by their parents. Proof of this is that young
children were often found working in mines or…


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