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How our brains work
And how it ties in to programming
and arrays
Etc...…read more

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What is computing?
· Computing is about computers just as
much as astronomy is about telescopes
· Computing is not just hardware etc..
· It's a science...…read more

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Why is it called computer science?
· Just because our brains do it automatically
­doesn't mean everything else will
· We study how our brains do things...and
try and replicate that in an in-animate
system.…read more

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Numbers on a visual screen
presented to your brain
53 32 81
Your brain contains the information (the Algorithim, if you like)
To do stuff with these numbers.
You could add the numbers
Sort the numbers from smallest to largest.…read more

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How do we make a computer sort
53 32 81
Programming code
SORT Put behind this to sort!
For instance.
Declare variables 1 2 and 3
For i is 1 to 3
If 1 > 2 then move 1 to
Next i
32......53.......81…read more

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Our brains do this automatically
· Much of computer science
· Is ­copying the way the brain works
· Making a system ­a computer ­that can
do what our brains do!…read more

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