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Voluntary or involuntary?
Direct or basic intent?…read more

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D has chosen to drink or take the intoxicating substance.
D knows that a prescribed drug will make him intoxicated.…read more

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D is unaware that he has drunk or taken an intoxicating
substance e.g. drink is spiked
D has taken prescribed drugs in accordance with instructions
from his doctor.
D takes a non-dangerous drug that is not prescribed to him
and it has an unexpected reaction.…read more

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Majewski (1977)
· Distinction between crimes of basic intent and crimes of
specific intent.…read more

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Basic intent
MR of recklessness as well as specific intent.
D does not have to have foreseen any consequence.
1. Common law assault and battery
2. S47 and 20 of the OAPA 1861
3. Manslaughter…read more

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Specific intent
1. Murder
2. S18 of the OAPA 1861.…read more

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