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Running the chromatogram
glass rod from which to hang paper
strip of chromatography paper
mixture Colourless
pencilled baseline
Use a locating
solvent agent or UV lamp…read more

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Interpreting Chromatograms
TLC plate
solvent front
distance moved by
R chemical
= =
distance moved by
f x
x solvent
starts here
baseline…read more

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The mobile phase is the solvent as it moves
through the paper.
· Stationary phase is the paper, as it doesn't
· Mixture of liquids that dissolves in a liquid is a
· The Rf is the retardation factor.
· This shows how well the chemical holds onto the
solvent, a lower Rf means a weaker hold.
· The substances are colourless.…read more

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Rf Exactly the same for exactly for
everyone, same solvent, same
environment and same temperature etc
same conditions.
· Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
· Glass, thin layer absorb solvents.
· Like a stationary phase…read more

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Cover stops solvent from evaporating
· Equilibrium
· Solvent gas air) saturating solvent liquid.
· What looks like air is solvent molecules.…read more


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