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How do international trade agreements influence global patterns of production?

The World Trade Organisation (WTO)

WTO deals with the rules of trade between nations at a global nation
Promotion of free trade ­ removal of tariffs and quotas
Global forum for negotiating trade agreements
Member governments discuss trade problems

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Disadvantages of free trade

Developing or new industries may find it difficult to become established in a competitive
environment with no short-term protection policies by governments, according to the infant
industries argument. It is difficult to develop economies of scale in the face of competition
from large foreign TNCs.


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`Dumping' of sugar

Subsidising of production in the EU ­ some farmers in the UK, France and Germany gewq an
excess of beat (3.8 million tonnes)
Cost the tax payer additional £800 on grocery bills per year
European countries dump thousands of tons of subsidised exports in Africa every year…


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