International Relations Paper - Start of the Cold War 1943-56

This is for the IGCSE 1 year course. Its just a powerpoint I made to help me revise the key facts - hope it helps!!

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1943-56…read more

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Russia had signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact with
Germany in 1939 against the USA
The USA had intervened in the Russian Civil War
fighting with the anti-communists. Russia
thought it was none of their business.…read more

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Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin
Britain and USA agreed to open up a second
front by invading France.
Soviet Union was to enter war against Japan
after the 2nd World War.
The United Nations was to be set up after the
An area of Eastern Poland was to be given to the
USSR, along the Oder and Neisse rivers.…read more

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February 1945.
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.
Agreed: Disagreed:
The USSR would enter the war against Amount of reparations. Stalin wanted a lot
Japan after Germany surrendered. higher. Amount delayed until next time.
To divide Germany and Berlin into 4 zones: Poland: Stalin wanted Polish German border
US, British, French and Soviet to be much further West.
To try Nazi war criminals in an International Poland: a `friendly' Polish government so
Court of Justice. that USSR would have protection from
To allow countries who had been liberated Persuaded Stalin to hold free elections in
from Nazi troops to have free elections. Poland.
To all join the United Nations organisation.
That Eastern Europe would be a `sphere of
Soviet influence'.…read more

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Soviet troops liberated eastern European countries
but didn't remove troops.
Set up a communist government of Poland, ignoring
agreements in Yalta.
USSR refused to cut down its red army whilst the
West was demilitising.
Roosevelt died. Truman took over and didn't trust
16th July 1945, USA tested 1st Atomic Bomb in secret.
USSR angry!!
Halfway through Potsdam, Churchill replaced with
Atlee.…read more

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July 1945
Stalin, Truman and Attlee
Agreed: Disagreed;
To divide Berlin and Germany as previously Stalin wanted to cripple Germany as he saw them as a
agreed. threat. Truman refused.
To de-militarise Germany Truman wanted free elections in Soviet occupied
eastern European countries but Stalin said it was non
of his business.
To re-establish democracy in Germany. E.g.
Free elections, freedom of speech e.t.c.
Germany had to pay reparations to allies in
equipment and materials. Most to USSR.
To ban the Nazi-Party.
To participate fully in the United Nations.
Poland's frontier moved westwards to river
Oder and Neisse.…read more

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