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International Marketing

How might a firm do this? (methods)
1. Export the product after production
Exchange rates could change
High transport costs
2. Set up the factories oversees direct investment
Could be language barriers
Get to pay lower wages
May be cultural issues
Less transport costs
3. Give someone a…

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1) Explain why Tesco might want to expand overseas
Tesco may want to expand overseas because this would give them a larger customer base,
resulting in more profit. This expansion would also give Tesco more business opportunities and
allow certain aspects of the business to become specialized. As well as…

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they are more likely to get repeat customers with highquality products. To get all of this Tesco
would have a large amount of market research to conduct as well as considering the differences
between British and Americans tastes. Tesco would also have to look at what business laws
are in…


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