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Key words list related to Aid internationally.

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International Aid and Self Help
aid help
appropriate technology using equipment that is best suited to the skills and finances
of a country
barefoot doctor a local person trained to treat the conunon local diseases and offer
health advice
bilateral aid aid from one country to another
high technology advanced equipment, usually costing a lot of money.
Intermediate technology middle level technology, often the right level to be used in
the development of a country
longterm aid aid that usually takes years before it is of benefit to a country e.g.
improved education or a tree planting scheme
low technology primitive techniques and equipment's
multilateral aid aid from a group of countries to an agency that then distributes it to
other countries
project aid aid used for a large project e.g. a hospital or a hydro electric dam
self help scheme a scheme, usually small scale, which uses the skills of the local
people to improve the local conditions
short term aid emergency aid, needed after natural disasters such as floods and
tied aid aid with conditions attached e.g. the money must be spent on goods from the
country giving the aid
United Nations a worldwide organisation set up to improve the conditions in every
voluntary aid aid collected by charities such as Oxfam or Action Aid and then
distributed to those that need the help


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