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Internal Radiotherapy…read more

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Used mainly to treat cancers in:
· Head and neck area
· Cervix and womb
· Prostate Gland
· Skin…read more

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There are two types of treatment:
· Brachytherapy (solid radioactive
material is placed close to or inside the
· Radioisotope Treatment (liquid
radioactive material is given as a drink or
injection)…read more

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· Most commonly used to treat cancer of the cervix,
womb and vagina.
· Material is put in a hollow tube called an "applicator".
· Applicator is inserted into vagina. X-ray checks that it
is in correct position.
· Applicator releases radioactive material (seeding)
· Area is scanned for signs of cancer.…read more

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Radioisotope Treatment
· Given as a liquid, either as a drink or an
injection into a vein.
· Commonly used to treat cancer of the
· A radioactive liquid (usually iodine) is
passed into the area where the tumour
may be.
· A scan is taken to see distribution of
radiation…read more

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· Takes place away from the main ward
· Lead screens
· Doctors only visit ward for short amounts of time
· Visitors restricted
· Geiger counter monitors radiation level in the room
· Isolation while radiation is in place (Brachytherapy) or
until radiation breaks down (Radioisotope treatment)…read more


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