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"Evidence suggests that most entrepreneurs who successfully start
and establish a small business do not have the skills to make it
into a successful large business. Discuss this statement and
evaluate the strategies that might be taken to improve the
likelihood of success." (40 marks)

There are various differences between…

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made with the employee's views but they may not be feasible
because it may take longer to reach a decision but it can also be
linked to Hertzberg's motivators and Maslow's higher order skills.
With a democratic style this can help to make their business
successful because it will be…

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for the entrepreneur and by delegating it will help to spread the
tasks and motivate the employees. An example is Netflix, when
they were becoming a large business and multinational, they used
to have stores in America, which would rent out DVDs through
store and through the post. While growing…


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