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Assessing the internal and external influences on the different functional area's objectives

Internal Factors External Factors
Finance department Corporate objectives PESTLE Factors:
Finance - Political
Human Resources (HR) - Economical
Operational factors - Social
Resources available - Technological
Nature of the product - Legal
- Environmental
Market factors
Competitors' actions…

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Operations department Corporate objectives Market factors
Finance Competitors' actions and performance
Human Resources (HR) Suppliers
Resources available Technological change
Nature of the product Economic factors
Political factors
Legal factors
Environmental factors

Human Resource department Financial constraints Economic factors
Corporate culture Political factors
Organisational structure Social factors
Trade unions - employer/…

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PESTLE Category Examples of issues in each category that might affect business
Political factors - government economic policies
- government social policies
- the extent of government intervention
Economical factors - the business cycle
- interest rates
- exchange rates
- level of inflation
- level of unemployment
- membership…


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