Interactionism and interpretivism and education.

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Perspectives take micro approachto education
o Try to understand what happens within schoolsand meaning
of behavior.
Interactionistswant to understand people interactions
o Interpretivisism is the way of doing this.
Interactionism has been influenced by the labeling theory
o Individual attaches meaning/definition to a person.
Interprevists are interested in the effects of such
Some pupils internalizelabel and accept it. Leads to a self
fulfilling prophecy
o Can be based on class, gender and ethnicity.
Willis combined Marxist approach with Interactionist approach
o Was interested in the impact of capitalism
As Interactionist believed that people are active rather
than passive.
Took a small scale in his research.
Followed 12 WC lads
Observed behavior and carried out interviews
o Concluded that the lads were `learning to labor'
Rosenthal and Jacobson .
o Also took an Interactionist approach
o Studied a 1960 American classroom
o IQ tested pupils
o 20% randomly selected some low and high IQ
o Teacher covertly told 20% to be `spurers'
o Concluded positive labeling, interaction and
encouragement e.c.t.
Self-fulfilling prophecy occurred .


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