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You must know:

Distinguish direct intention from oblique intention.
Know the development of the definition for oblique intention via key cases
Be able to critically analyse the said definition.

Direct and Oblique intention

Direct intention: (Normal everyday meaning is used) this can mean deliberate conduct.
Oblique intention: Intention to…

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around said "I wouldn't dare pull the trigger" and by his own admission the D did in fact
pull the trigger, shooting and killing his stepfather.
Definition of oblique intention: Lord Bridge's 2 part test "Was death or serious injury a
natural consequence? And if so did the Defendant foresee…

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The law commission produced a paper called "Murder, Manslaughter and
Infanticide" 2006 in which proposed codifying the Woolin definition of oblique
"Intention... may be found if it is shown that the defendant though that the result
was a virtually certain consequence of his or her action."
USA: "a person…


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