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By Our Group (!)…read more

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For vs. Against
Produces high amount of crops
Less Expensive (more people can therefore
afford it)
Space required for farming is less
Can help meet high food demands
Preservation of woodland
Capture CO2/methane released by cows?…read more

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Some people say we have no right to kill animals
for meat
Suspicion that chemicals used can damage both
the crops and animals, and can increase chances
of cancer and schizophrenia.
Chemicals kill a lot of insects that are useful to the
environment and can be detrimental to the food
chains they are in.
Damage Soil…read more

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What do you think?
`I think it's bad because food is supposed to be
natural... except if it was sweets' Emma, `Oh, and
do you know what I really, really hate? When they
put water in chicken breast to make them plump...
that's really annoying!'
`I think it depends' Fahima
`just think it depends on the safety, I think it's wrong
if producers put profit ahead of people' Mr McKee…read more

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What do some Christians say?
Most Christians don't object to eating meat-
`Every moving thing that lives shall be food for
you.' Genesis 9
However, they are also concerned with the
welfare of animals, and support efforts into
humane and ethical ways of farming. `A
righteous man cares for the needs of his
animals' Proverbs 12:10…read more

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