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Psychology unit 3 intelligence revision

Intelligence in non human animals

Description- theory of mind

Theory of mind is believed to be a higher order of intelligence. It is the ability to
understand that different individuals have different amounts of knowledge,
interests, intentions and beliefs to themselves.

Description- self recognition


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Psychology unit 3 intelligence revision

Autistic children don't have theory of mind but do have self recognition as they
recognise themselves in the mirror. This shows that self recognition can't always
prove that animals have a theory of mind.

Description- imitation (social learning)

An animal observes a role model and…

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Psychology unit 3 intelligence revision

Whiten and Byrne reviews 250 observations of deception in non human animals
such as a young baboon who watched a adult dig up a root and after looking
around, screamed loudly. They young baboon's mother who was dominant in the
group chased the other adult…


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