Integration using the trapezium rule

worked awnser and revision notes on the trapezium rule.

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Integration using the trapezium rule
The area of a curve can be found by integrating algebraically but when this is not possible the
trapezium rule can be used to estimate the area.
The area of the graph is split into vertical trapezium strips.
The number of strips is denoted by n
The question will state the number of ordinates. If the number of ordinates is k then there will be
k-1 strips.
This formula can be found in the formula booklet for WJEC exams.
H=1-0/4 =0.25
Yn x F(x) Y=
Y0 0 1/1+0^4 1
Y1 0.25 1/1+0.25^4 0.9961...
Y2 0.5 etc 0.941176...
Y3 0.75 0.759644...
Y4 1 0.5
Round y values up to 3 more decimal places than the number of decimal places needed for the final
fydx= 0.25/2 (1+2(0.9961...+0.941176...+0.759644...)+0.5)
=0.862 (3dp)



Printed worked example of using the trapezium rule to find a numerical estimate for the area under a curve. 

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