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Mozart Debussy Poulenc Reich
Melody Scales, Whole Tone, Essentially Hexatonic, short
Arpeggios, 4+4 pentatonic and Classical but with falling motif. Live
phrases, periodic chromatic scales. quirky clarinet expands
phrasing, regular Irregular irregularities ­ upon motif.
cadences. phrasing. regular phrasing
Few obvious interrupted by
cadences. unexpected
turns. Cadences
frequent but
Harmony Based on chords Uses lots of Partially standard Hexatonic ­ often
of the key used. chromatic chords. classical, partially dissonant but in a
Mainly I-IV-V in Lots of advanced diatonic vain.
classical usage. extensions such Romanitc. Blurred
st th th
Mostly root or 1 as 7 's 9 's 13's. Occasionally harmonies. Odd
inversion. Only Often parallel simply quirky. clarinets by
use of dissonance written. But Strange clarinets chords.
comes in colouristic juxtaposition,
frequent 7th harmony ­ non very chromatic
chords and resolved coda.
German 6th b.80. dissonance
Circle of 5ths throughought ­
used. Italian 6 half dim chords.
also. Pedal notes.
Whole tone
harmonies Bar 30
Tonality Sonata form Overall key of E G major, Eb Modal. E maj
tonality ­ clear major, but few major, Bb major Lydian.
shift to dominant cadences to back to G major.
- rotated keys, make it clear. Mostly functional.
tonic return fully Central Bb major A few
prepared. ­ return not unexpected
prepared to E. leaps, including
Never feels major -> minor.
Timbre Piano "Small" orch in no Brass Trio All Clarinets
heavy brass, no
heavy percussion
(Antique Cymbals
­ tuned) needs
lots of large
strings, many
divisi and solo
Texture Melody Monophonic, Mel Dom Hom, Largely
Dominated sparse. Polyphonic, Polyphonic,

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Homophony, Monophonic. B.30 always in pairs,
mono.... trumpet v. low, homo chords,
Polyphonic? spred chords, v.polyphonic, live
Two-part writing. upside down vs recorded.
Alberti Bass textures.…read more


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