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Hodges & Tizzard
Aim To see if early privation affects later relationships
Procedure Results
65 children were placed in 70% of the children didn't
institutions and weren't able care deeply for anyone.
to form attachments. The children who were put
They were assessed back with their biological
regularly till…

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Early privation has a Strengths: Longitudinal
negative effect on the study, lots of data, high
ability to form ecological validity, lots of
relationships. participants = reliable
because of similar results
Supports Bowlby's
Limitations: there were
theory that we have a
some drop outs, unethical
sensitive period in which to keep…

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111 Romanian orphans (poorly Children adopted after the
treated and malnourished) were age of 2 were more likely
adopted into British Families. to have disinhibited
Rutter naturally observed 3 attachment behaviours
groups of children e.g. attention seeking
o Adopted before 6 months (even to strangers).
o Adopted from 6 ­…

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