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Institutional Aggression PRISONS

Situational explanations: claim it's the characteristics of the prison itself that accounts for
the violence. Accept that inmates brought into the prison system are likely to possess norms that
are more permissive of violence and aggression, but they believe it is predominately the
experience of prison that…

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Bandura: referred to one group as animals and the other the nice group, found higher
shocks were delivered in animals where people are not seen to have human emotions
of behaviour making it more acceptable to behave aggressively.

Zimbardo: Stamford experiment showed how lack of external constraints and peer

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Race and Age: US Evidence= nonwhite, young inmates are more likely to be
aggressive in prison may be because they groups = `disenfranchised' (separated from
mainstream societies norms and values promoting prosocial behaviour. Also from
relatively deprived areas and with subcultures where aggression is valued, respected
and reinforced. Lengthily periods…


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