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Insanity and intoxication evaluation

The definition of IS has been said to be "medically irrelevant" as the legal definition has not changed
significantly since 1843. In 1953 evidence given to the Royal Commission stated that the definition
was obsolete and misleading.

A major criticism of IS as a defence is…

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For reforms of the defence of IN, The Butler Committee recommended that the verdict of not G by
reason of IS should be replaced by a verdict of not G on evidence of mental disorder. This would
create a presumption of no criminal responsibility where there is a proof of…

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Where a D is charged with murder or a S18 OAPA 1861 he can use IT as a defence. However, he can
still be found guilty of a linked basic intent offence. Although, for other crimes there is no `lesser'
offence so if IT is pleaded successfully for theft the…


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