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M'Naghten (1842)
Set out the test for insanity
There are 3 key areas of the
defect of reason, disease of
mind and the D does not know
the nature and quality of his
act.…read more

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Defect of reason
· Based on the inability to use the power
of reason, rather than failing to.…read more

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Caused by disease of the
Legal term, not a medical term.
Must be physical and not bought on by
an external factor e.g. drugs…read more

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Sullivan (1984)
Minor epileptic fit can amount to
insanity in law rather than A as A
requires an external factor.…read more

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Kemp (1957)
Disease of the mind can be temporary
and the actual medical condition of the
brain was not, in itself, relevant.…read more

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