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B2 6
Summary sheet
Teacher notes
Answers to summary questions
1 a) Lungs and digestive system.
b) Thick, sticky mucus.
c) Infertile.
d) Physiotherapy and antibiotics.
e) To thin the mucus in the digestive system so that is does not clog up the
digestive system so easily.
f) Recessive.
g) Carriers.
2 a) Nervous system.
b) Dominant.
c) 50%
d) 30­50 years of age.
e) Many people have started a family (and passed on the allele) before
realising they have the condition.
f) No, if the allele is present you will have the symptoms.
Teaching notes
The questions are designed to crystallise knowledge and are not designed to be
exam style. This format is particularly useful for students who have difficulty
answering questions without some kind of writing frame.
AQA Science © Nelson Thornes Ltd 2006 B2 6 1

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B2 6
Continued ...
1 a) Ovary (1 mark)
b) A Nucleus
B Cell membrane
C Cytoplasm (1 mark each)
c) Sperm (1 mark)
d) Mitosis (1 mark)
e) i) Cell 5 and cells 6 (1 mark)
ii) Cell 3 and cell 4 (1 mark)
f) i) Stem cells (1 mark)
ii) Differentiation (1 mark)
2 a) Any two accurate pieces of evidence, e.g.:
· Sarah has cystic fibrosis but her daughter Trudie does not.…read more

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B2 6
Continued ...
d) · To have cystic fibrosis the child would need to have two
recessive alleles (ff).
· The mother/Angela has cystic fibrosis and so is ff and must
therefore pass one recessive allele to each of her children.
· If the father/Farhad has one dominant and one recessive allele
(Ff), there is a 50% chance that a child might inherit the second
recessive allele from him.…read more

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B2 6
Continued ...
Hh × Hh
HH Hh hH
Sufferer normal
H h
h hH hh
H h
h HH h
Hh Hh
or equivalent in words 2
gains 1 mark
2.…read more

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B2 6
Continued ...
Credit cross shown in a matrix:
B b
b Bb bb
b Bb bb
for 2 marks
Bb identified as black hair
bb identified as red hair
2 red : 2 black
for 1 mark
3.…read more


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