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B2 6
Summary sheet

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Answers to summary questions
1 a) Lungs and digestive system.
b) Thick, sticky mucus.
c) Infertile.
d) Physiotherapy and antibiotics.
e) To thin the mucus in the digestive system so that is does not clog up the
digestive system so easily.
f) Recessive.…

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B2 6

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1 a) Ovary (1 mark)
b) A Nucleus
B Cell membrane
C Cytoplasm (1 mark each)
c) Sperm (1 mark)
d) Mitosis (1 mark)
e) i) Cell 5 and cells 6 (1 mark)
ii) Cell 3 and cell 4 (1 mark)
f) i) Stem cells…

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B2 6

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d) · To have cystic fibrosis the child would need to have two
recessive alleles (ff).
· The mother/Angela has cystic fibrosis and so is ff and must
therefore pass one recessive allele to each of her children.
· If the father/Farhad has one dominant and…

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B2 6

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Hh × Hh
HH Hh hH

Sufferer normal

H h


h hH hh

H h
h HH h
Hh Hh

or equivalent in words 2
gains 1 mark

2. (a) alleles in parents Bb Bb 4
alleles in…

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B2 6

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Credit cross shown in a matrix:
B b
b Bb bb
b Bb bb
for 2 marks
Bb identified as black hair
bb identified as red hair
2 red : 2 black
for 1 mark

3. (a) idea 1
identical (do not allow simply…


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