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chynnel…read more

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Infrared radiation and molecules
· All molecules absorb IR radiation.
· As energy is absorbed in the bonds
between atoms
· As the energy is absorbed, the bonds
begin to vibrate at their own unique
frequency which is shown on the infrared
· The amount of vibration depends on...…read more

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· The bond strength
· The mass of the atom involved in the bond
· The bond length
· The different frequencies the bonds
absorb can allow us to detect which
functional groups are present.…read more

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What a IR spectroscopy diagram
looks like…read more

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What can IR spectroscopy be
used for?
· Can be used in forensic science for
example identify paint fragments on
vehicles in hit and run offences.
· Quality control in perfumes
· Drug analysis
· Monitoring the degree of unsaturation in
polymers…read more

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Mass spectrometry the 4 stages
· Ionisation ­ electron gun fires electrons at atoms or
molecules which knocks of electrons to form positive
· Acceleration ­ electrically charged plates moves
positive ions into a large electromagnet
· Deflection- the electromagnet forces the ions into a
curved tube heavier ions are more difficult to turn than
lighter ions, so the end up at different places.
· Detection- An ion detector counts the ions which arrive
at each point at the end of the tube.
· A computer then prints out the results in the form of a
graph called a mass spectrum.…read more

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