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H.Hales Information Flow & Data Processing

Above is a diagram of the data processing cycle.

Data collection & preparation 250 students are enrolled per day over a course of
5 days. The students will fill in an enrolment form, which will record down the students
personal details, GCSE results, what…

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H.Hales Information Flow & Data Processing

Data processing methods

Batch: Batch processing is where all of the transactions are collected together & are
all processed at the same time, for example Bhasvic would collect the students
enrolment information at that present time, and then all the information will be

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H.Hales Information Flow & Data Processing

The validity and accuracy of Bhasvic's student enrolment form is maintained as
there are boxes which you can just circle (yes or no answers for male or female and
have you continuously lived in another count for the past three years?), which are


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