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Writing to Persuade

Biased writing/one sided/apparent balance

Logical connectives (because, consequently, as a result,
nevertheless, however)

Connectives showing the move from one point to another (firstly,
secondly, next, finally)

Emotive vocabulary

Opinion presented as fact

Rhetorical questions

Involve the reader using inclusive pronouns (we, us)

Repetition of words or phrases…

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Variety of arguments


Quotation from `experts'



Balanced ­ considers both sides

Logical development


Writing to Advise

Clear organised structure which presents advise step by step


Time connectives

Simple vocabulary

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Second person

Imperative verbs

Lacks unnecessary detail

Clear diagrams

Present tense

Simple/compound sentences

Writing to Inform

Clear introduction

Provide a context for what you are going to write

Wide range of different aspects of the topic


Technical language, perhaps explained briefly

Systematic and logical organisation

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Use of personal experience

Use of present tense

Clear links between paragraphs

Unusual and interesting detail specific to the subject

Writing to Explain

Range of reasons

Range of appropriate detail

Specific examples of different kinds to support explanation

Range of responses to `why'

Range of responses to `how'

Different points…

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Writing to Describe

Wide range of appropriate detail

Use of modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs

Use of colour

Use of senses: sight, touch ­ perhaps texture, hearing, taste, sound

Words to convey feelings and atmosphere

Use of metaphor and simile, perhaps use of personification

Denser language than in many…


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