inform, explain, describe- reading key features

inform, explain, describe- reading key features

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Writing to Persuade
Biased writing/one sided/apparent balance
Logical connectives (because, consequently, as a result,
nevertheless, however)
Connectives showing the move from one point to another (firstly,
secondly, next, finally)
Emotive vocabulary
Opinion presented as fact
Rhetorical questions
Involve the reader using inclusive pronouns (we, us)
Repetition of words or phrases especially in patterns of three
Adjectives and adverbs
Colloquial language
Writing to Argue

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Variety of arguments
Quotation from `experts'
Balanced ­ considers both sides
Logical development
Writing to Advise
Clear organised structure which presents advise step by step
Time connectives
Simple vocabulary…read more

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Writing to Describe
Wide range of appropriate detail
Use of modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs
Use of colour
Use of senses: sight, touch ­ perhaps texture, hearing, taste, sound
Words to convey feelings and atmosphere
Use of metaphor and simile, perhaps use of personification
Denser language than in many of the other forms
Perhaps personal reactions
Variation of sentence length and type
Rich, varied, perhaps unusual vocabulary…read more


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