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A short page with bullet points on DNA in History.

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o DNA is a list of instructions that tells your cells what to do, what to be and how to
look. It controls your inherited characteristics.
o DNA is a double helix, like rungs in a ladder.
o The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953, by Crick and Watson.
o It took a series of discoveries over a long period to unravel the secrets of DNA.
o For years, scientists had known that some illnesses can be inherited.
o Mendel showed that characteristics could pass from generation to generation.
o Because of improvements in technology, scientists could use improved
microscopes to discover how cells were made.
o Crick and Watson were two key characters in the research of DNA and built upon
the work of earlier individuals. They also inspired each other and acted as critics for
each other's work, they also involved Wilkins and Franklin in their individual
o Improvements in technologies such as xrays enabled more research in genetics
and biochemistry.
o Pasteur's Germ Theory inspired research into microorganisms and DNA.
o The discovery of DNA is beneficial as it has enabled doctors and scientists to make
human insulin, cure cancer, customise drugs for the patient, research genetic
engineering and discover genetic screening.
o However, the discovery of DNA does enable "designer babies" if it is misused and
does not cure infectious diseases.
o In 1990, the Human Genome Project set about trying to discover the purpose of all
100, 000 human genes. This required research teams in eighteen countries.


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