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Health and safety
Repetitive strain injury (RSI) Caused by:-
-carrying out repetitive task
-Working at awkward angles
Prevented by:-
- Ergonomic aids
- Regular breaks
Back problems Caused by:-
-Using a computer for too long
-Adopting a poor posture
Prevented by:-
-Ergonomic seating
-Taking regular breaks
Eye strain Caused…

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Input devices
Touch Screen Touch screens allow a user to make selections by tapping the screen
Optical Character Recognition A method of data capture which allows a scanner to read text on a paper document
and then input them onto a computer
Optical Mark Recognition Recognises marks made on…

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Systems software Programs essential to the running of the computer and it's maintenance and smooth
Operating systems ­ Necessary for the computer to run (vital)
Utility programs ­ Programs ensuring the maintenance and smooth running of a
system (Formatting disks, virus checking, file compression)

Applications software…

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