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Health and safety
Repetitive strain injury (RSI) Caused by:-
-carrying out repetitive task
-Working at awkward angles
Prevented by:-
- Ergonomic aids
- Regular breaks
Back problems Caused by:-
-Using a computer for too long
-Adopting a poor posture
Prevented by:-
-Ergonomic seating
-Taking regular breaks
Eye strain Caused by:-
-Lighting in the room being at the wrong level
-Screen is wrongly positioned/tilted
Prevented by:-
-Suitable lighting
-Anti-glare screens
Stress Caused by:-
-Computer crashes
-Spam emails
-Pop ups
- Lost files
Prevented by:-
-Choosing well designed software by reliable companies
-Having access to reliable IT help
-Having adequate training
-Taking breaks
-Saving work/backing up work regularly
Health and safety legislation -Provide adjustable chairs
-Provide anti-glare, adjustable screens
-Ensure workstations are spacious and have adequate lighting
-Give regular breaks
-Pay for staff eye tests on request
-Provide information on health hazards and training for IT users
Storage devices
Magnetic Storage Hard disk ­ Provides a very high memory and allows online storage of data
External hard disk ­ Used for increasing capacity and backups
Magnetic tape ­ High capacity, used for backing up entire networks
Optical Storage CD ROM ­ low capacity, used for distributing software and data
CD RW ­ low capacity, used for storing and transferring data
DVD ­ provides medium capacity for distributing moving image and audio data
Flash Storage USB data stick ­ provides low-medium storage used for backup or transfer of data

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Input devices
Touch Screen Touch screens allow a user to make selections by tapping the screen
Optical Character Recognition A method of data capture which allows a scanner to read text on a paper document
and then input them onto a computer
Optical Mark Recognition Recognises marks made on a pre-printed form and inputs choices made onto a
computer via an OMR reader.
Magnetic Ink Character Recog Magnetic ink used on bank cheques to verify them and prevent fraud. Only used for
high security.…read more

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Systems software Programs essential to the running of the computer and it's maintenance and smooth
Operating systems ­ Necessary for the computer to run (vital)
Utility programs ­ Programs ensuring the maintenance and smooth running of a
system (Formatting disks, virus checking, file compression)
Applications software Programs that allow the computer to perform useful tasks beyond the running of
the computer itself.…read more

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