Influences on Parliamentary Law Making Notes

Influences on Parliamentary Law Making Notes

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There are 3 influences.
The law commission>Codification, consolidation, repeals.
Codification>bringing together of particular topic under one act, hundreds of
years of acts.
Consolidation>bringing together of all statutory provisions of an act relating to
a particular area into one act. E.g. Education Act 1996
Repeal>repeal of obsolete law and removal of laws which have no further use.
out of date due to the passage of time, can only be repealed or altered by another
Ads> non political legal knowledge, considerable research, well informed
recommendations, independent body.
Disads> one third of recommendations not implemented, do not always fit the
political agenda, government not obliged to consult LC on any new laws, take years
before a report is produced, they make plenty of reviews; each review may not be
as thorough.
Pressure groups>Sectional pressure groups, Cause pressure groups
Sectional pressure groups>A group of people who campaign for the reform
of the law...further the interests of a section of society, they are influential,
represent large sections of society, wealthy and influential, E.G. the british medical
Cause pressure groups>promote a particular ideal or belief, E.G RSPCA and
Fathers for justice.
Well organized CPG's can succeed in some sort of reform, they have less influence
and are less likely to be consulted at the formative stage.
One person may campaign for a certain cause such as JAMIE OLIVERS campaign for
healthy school meals The education regulations 2006
Ads>raise awareness and importance of an issue, keep parliament in touch with
issues that public see as important, have great influence on political parties, some
have huge memberships, possess considerable expertise and background
Disads> inevitably biased, do not involve presentation of a balanced arguement
and only present one side of the arguement.
views are held passionately and can some times lead to criminal behaviour, have
limtied connections with gov.ministers.
The media>is the channels by which information is communicated to the public,
matters of concern can be highlighted to the public using the media, the media
represents public opion and influences public opinion. An example of media
involvement is the 'Name and shame" campaign run by the News of the world.
Ads>The media raise government awareness of certain matters, these views are
often publicised by pressure groups, the media also raises public awareness
Disads>are required to remain politically neutral but they dont, they promote

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