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Initiatives and their common Purpose…read more

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A number of initiatives are set up to
encourage people to take part in physical
activity so have a healthier lifestyle.
Several agencies exist to put these initiatives in
place. Most agencies have the aims:
· I ­ Increase participation in sport
· R ­ Retaining people in sport
· C ­ Creating opportunities for talented
They often try to target groups of people
where participation is low, like over 50s.…read more

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Increase There are many benefits of This will lead to:
Participation taking part in physical activity A healthier nation (good for
as it increases fitness both everyone)
mentally, physically and More entertainment from better
socially. performers
Retain People People who remain involved They will do this by:
will: An effective network of clubs
Maintain or improve their A route to progress with good
fitness and health facilities
May take other roles (coach/ The opportunity for competition
Are more likely to succeed
Create This will allow talented They will do this by:
Opportunities performers to achieve success Making progression from
foundation to elite possible
Support this progression by
providing: better facilities, better
coaching and better education…read more

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Aim: To create a community By:
sport system Investing in the national
Working with UK sport
Start, Stay, Succeed: Delivering a mass participation
Start - increase sport legacy from the 2012 By:
participation in sport to games. Working with schools
improve health of the Sport England and NGBs to set up clubs
Creating the next
Stay - retain people &
generation of volunteers,
keep them active
coaches and officials
through clubs and
Supporting sports
Succeed ­ create
Agencies colleges
chances to achieve
sporting success at every
level Youth Sport Trust
E.g. Football National Governing
Association Bodies Aim: To create a PE and
(FA) sport system that engages
all young people
By: TOP programmes
Aim: To increase Increasing the quality and ­ provide
the number and quantity of coaches, volunteers additional training
skill levels of those and officials. for teachers to
participating in Organising more competitions improve quality of
their sport. Assisting facility developments sport in PE.…read more


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