Influence Of Sponsorship

Revision notes on the influence of sponsorship, for AS Physical Education.

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Influence of Sponsorship
Sports sponsorship is the provision of money or other support to gain recognition and
increased income.
Sponsorship agencies bring sponsors and ports bodies together to organise events
or programmes.
Companies invest in perimeter advertising around and on the pitches
Agents promote particular competitors for mutual financial benefit
Performers endorse to products by displaying the company name on there clothing or
Sports starts use there celebrity status to advertise away from the sports arena
Sponsorship is uneven across sports
Minority sports find it hard to get sponsorship because of limited media coverage
The Institute of Sports Sponsorship is a national non profit making organisation
made up of companies that sponsor sport. The ISS aims to protect the traditional
nature of sport, help companies to get fair returns on outlay, cooperate with
organisations and runs the Sportsmatch scheme.
Advantages and Disadvantages for Performer / Sponsors
Advantages for Performer
Get more financial backing
Get better known
Full time training is possible because of financial aids
Financial security after retirement
Full concentration on the sport is possible
Disadvantages for performer
Pressure to perform
Performers can become to reliant on a particular sponsor for money
Generous sponsorship is only available to top performers
Some sponsors can give a bad image to sport
Advantages for sponsor
Get there brand or product advertised to increase profit
There product becomes related to a certain performer increasing sales
A healthy positive image
Hospitality at big sports events
Reduced tax bill
Disadvantages for sponsor
Risk that the player or team that you have sponsored does not succeed.
If performer behaves badly it is reflected on the sponsor
Uncertain investment related on sponsor.


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