Influence of gender in explaining crime and deviance

12 mark essay: 'examine the influence of gender in explaining crime and deviance' 
It's got notes within it about explaining gendered crime due to media influence, chivalry thesis, the family (patriarchy), labeling in schools, and changes in employment/ job opportunities
Hope it's helpful(:  

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Examine the influence of gender in explaining crime and deviance
(12 marks)

Many different individuals carry out criminal or deviant acts in society, some of which
take part in the activity due to different reasons that may be associated with their

The mass media plays a big role in…

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deviant subcultures in order to gain status and respect through other illegitimate
means, such as deviant or criminal activity.

Changes in employment may also give explanation or male and female crime.
Women now have increased opportunities and are treated equally with males in the
employment sector. This allows women to…


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