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Sophie and Claire…read more

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Definition of Infidelity
Being unfaithful in a relationship; most
common is sexual infidelity where
someone has sexual relations outside
their relationship…read more

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Definition of Jealousy
State of fear or suspicion caused by real
or an imagined threat to ones status…read more

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Evolutionary Approach to
Mate retention strategies in men
E.g. mate guarding
Men become jealous to avoid being cuckolded
Cuckoldry is being deceived by a woman to invest care
and time into a child that is not theirs
Males developed aggression to deter other males
­ could explain jealousy
Jealousy evolved as a way for men to hold onto
their mate…read more

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Evolutionary Approach in Infidelity
Men are more likely to cheat than
Men have evolved for desire of sexual
This is fulfilled by infidelity
Can be used as an excuse to end
unhappy relationships…read more

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Infidelity in Women
If a women is ovulating they are more
likely to cheat
They become more attracted to muscular
men with good genes
More likely to claim they are in love to
justify the affair
Men tend to cheat for sex…read more

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