Infection, immunity and forensics

Covers everything on B-cells, T-cells and thier function in specific immune response.

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Specific Release cytokines
when activated
Major function to
Helper T-cells
produce antibodies Cytokines stimulate
called immuglobulins Lymphocytes right B cells to divide
into plasma cells
Develop from bone which make
marrow antibodies.
Stimulated by antigen and Cytokines stimulate
respond by maturing into macrophage to carry
another cell type called out phagocytosis
Search for cells
plasma cells. The plasma more vigorously
T killer invaded by pathogens
cells produce antibodies.
Plasma Memory and displaying T-memory
cells antigens These cause
cells cells cells
For every foreign antigen, the response
there are antibody Attach to infected to be faster
molecules specifically cells and secrete the second
designed for that molecule. toxins time round
The variety is so extensive
Produce antibodies
that B-cells have the ability
which are released Remain in
to produce them against
into the blood, lymph, circulation
virtually all possible micro-
linings of lungs and for a long
organism in our
gut. time. If
there is a
Divide in bone marrow second
(mitosis) to form clones infection,
with the same genetic they divide
code for the same rapidly and
antibody.Part of each produce
antibody forms antibody more
receptors - found in plasma and
plasma membrane. memory
During infection, only cells cells.
with the right antibody
receptor which fits
invading antigen divide


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