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Regional inequalities
East Anglia.…read more

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Summary of patterns of inequality in the UK
The government spends £39 billion on the impacts of
inequalities (health care and crime)
Inequalities have increased overtime: in 2011 the
richest 10% were 12x richer than the poorest 10%
House prices in the N.E in 2015 were (on average)
£135,000 whereas in London they were £556,000
Both dependent groups in society have the highest
levels of poverty: pensioners 14% and 27% of
children…read more

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DEPENDENCY THEORY applied to the Uk
According to dependency theory resources flow from poor
periphery areas to rich cores, at the benefit of the core.
Mercantile capitalism:
In the 15/16th century Europeans sailed the world in search
of cheap materials to `add value' to and sell for profit.
They bartered and used their power to exploit settlements of
their natural resources…read more

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DEPENDENCY THEORY applied to the Uk
Colonialism: 16/17th century, European took direct political
rule over `trading nations' and drew arbitrary lines through
native lands.
During this time London developed as the UK's core region as
the close proximity to Europe and ports along the River
Thames made it the perfect city for trading and businesses
to settle.
Additionally, business and FDI was attracted because of the
monarchy and parliament being based in London…read more

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DEPENDENCY THEORY applied to the Uk
Neo- colonialism: 20th century+. Colonial powers gave up
rule and country's reclaimed independence.
The ex colonies where vulnerable as they had inexperienced
governments and economies setup to favour colonial powers.
Countries continued to exploit weaknesses in ex colonies.
North England developed as a periphery as London and the
South increased the demand for natural resources as trade
with colonies had reduced.…read more

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North South Divide
There is N/S divide within the UK
With the poor North and rich South
The divide historically stretched from The Wash in the South
East to the River Severn estuary in the South West…read more

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