Industry Case Studies

Industry Case Studies that I use for geography

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Industry Case Studies
Factors affecting location of steelworks ­ Teesside, (Middlesbrough)
Located near the sea overseas markets
Good labour supply
Local raw materials from Cleveland hills iron ore from hills, coking coal from Durham coalfield, limestone from East Durham plateau
Transport was not as well developed as it is today rivers ­ Tees and Tyne in Wear
Flat land and cheap ­ little used land
Government recognise potential i.e. British Steel
Now upgraded with modern technology
Cardiff Bay development
High rates of unemployment, poor housing, environmental deprivation.
Closure of East Moors steel works ­ lost well paid jobs
CBDC redevelop waterfront, improve communications and create jobs and investment in the locality
Lucky Goldstar ­ Newport, South Wales Welsh Development Agency (WDA) secured a deal - £180m subsidies to LG
M4 corridor = accessible
Semi- skilled workforce
Factors affecting location ­ Norwich Research Park
9000 skilled employees
Researches health, food and environment
Road, rail and air access
Waste disposal sites
Park facilities glasshouses, insectary, graphic design teams, scientific libraries
Inexpensive site, attractive surroundings, modern homes

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TNC ­ Wal-Mart
World's largest TNC
Operates in mostly NIC's and MEDC's
1st store opens in Arkansas, US in 1962
Criticised because it puts other small businesses out of work ­ located on outskirts of town
TNC's locating in LEDC's ­ Bhopal Disaster, India
Dec 1984 ­ poisonous gas emitted from a plant owned by a TNC
Blindness, sickness, skin complaints, even death
3,000 died that day (possibly nearer 7,000) ­ forced migration for others
1 person a day dies due to long term affects…read more

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Malaysia- NIC
Tourism natural landscapes, oceans and beaches, low airfares, tropical, wild-life
Industrial Growth more popular holiday destination, developing rapidly in manufacturing, part of British Commonwealth
Cottage Industries still exist, workers in home/workshop, `Batik' successful
Processing raw materials rubber, palm oil, hardwood and tin. Unprocessed materials ­ main source of income
Electronics Industry 3rd largest producer of semi-conductors, secondary and tertiary industry
Import substitution substituting imports for own industries (exp.…read more

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Ravenscraig, Scotland
Background iron and steel works, materials ­ iron ore, limestone, coal; site for 120 years, major markets in Clydeside,
Industrial Inertia factors changed (no more raw. materials), markets disappeared ­ cars and ships, relocation was expensive
Social cost factors keeping R.C. open = social cost of closing Motherwell's (home of steelworks) , unemployment
Why did Ravenscraig close? decline of r.…read more

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Livingston developed, 1/5 new towns, 45,000 occupants, success: transport links, nice rural environment, young, trained workforce, industrial
and service back-up for firms on site, custom built factories, Kirkton campus research park, positive publicity overseas
NEC one of 2 largest employers in Livingston, 2,000 staff, £250 million on factories in glen; makes, tests and assembles integrated circuits
Reasons for location access to large EU markets, avoiding import taxes, supply of pure water, English spoken (2nd language of Japanese),
international airports access , university graduates, local supply…read more


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