Industrial Unrest in Wales

A table made to easily show a discription, causes, events, outcomes and consquences of Industrial Unrest in Wales. It covers The Penrhyn Lockout, The Tonypandy Riots and The Llaneli Strike.

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Where and Causes Events Outcome Consequences
The Penrhyn North Wales Slate Lord Penrhyn refused 26 workers were `Blackleg' Labour The north wales slate industry
Lockout Quarry to negotiate with the sacked and the was used and had lost important customers
October 1900 trade union about rest went on workers were forced who went elsewhere during the
Autumn 1903 changes to working strike in back to work by strike. It never recovered.
practices. sympathy. Lord poverty and Poverty & hardship
Penrhyn closed hardship. People forced to go south in
the Quarry. search of work
Divided community
The Rhondda Valley Falling wages & rising Violent clashes Miners Forced back Some miners lost faith in the
Tonypandy November 1910 cost of living. 80 between strikers to work by poverty in Miners union (SWMF). They
Riots miners sacked at Ely and police. Riots September 1911. turned to more militant ideas of
Colliery. 30,000 and looting in Syndicalism (workers controlling
miners of the Tonypandy. their own industries).
Cambrian Combine Soldiers sent to Hatred of Winston Churchill.
strike. the area.
The Llanelli Llanelli Support for the Trains were Workers went back
Strike railwaymen went Rhondda valleys stopped. 600 to work with the
on strike in support miners. troops sent in. 2 miners.
of the miners in people shot dead
191011 by soldiers. 4
killed in the riot
that followed.


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