Industrial And Commercial Processes

This covers:

  • Structural Packaging Nets
  • Designing And Creating Packaging Nets
  • Commercial Production Of Packaging Nets
  • Die Cutting
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Industrial And Commercial Processes
Structural Packaging Nets
This is simple a net, and it is a flat 2D shape that can be cut out, scored and folded to
produce a 3D shape.
The packaging of a product serves 4 main functions:
To Contain the product safely while in transit using suitable materials and containers.
To Protect the product while it is in transit to avoid the risk of it being broken and creating
unnecessary wastage.
To Dispense the product in a safe and convenient manner by using suitable closures.
To Advertise the product for retail purposes in order to initially attract the customer's
attention and also to provided essential information.
Designing And Creating Packaging Nets
You need to be accurate when constructing nets, CAD is usually used for consistency. When
designing a net there are constructional methods that need to be shown:
Cut Lines ­ A continuous line where the material is to be cut
Fold Lines ­ A broken line where the material is to be folded, scored, bent or heated
Tabs ­ These are essential constructional information especially for paper, card and board
showing where glue is to be applied oe where dust flaps or tucks are required.
The Closure System
Annotation ­ This will assist the creation of the box as it will show what is supposed to be
done and in what order.

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Commercial Production Of Packaging Nets
Stage Processes
Preparation Make die form for die cutting and creasing process
Pre-press ­ making four colour-plates (CMYK)
Purchase of carton board, printing inks and
Processing / Production Full colour printing onto sheets of cartonboard i.e.
Application of in-line surface finish e.g.…read more


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