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Shamans Sekhmet Thoth
Where from? Pre-historic Ancient Egyptian Ancient Egyptian
What they did. Conducted ritual Goddess who caused or Gave doctors the skill
involving magic and cured disease. to cure.
charms. Based medicine
on religion.
Accepted? Yes Yes Yes
Other facts Faith and rituals Religion based Religion based->God

Hippocrates Aristotle…

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Local Monks Barber surgeons Wise Women
Where from? Middle Ages Middle Ages Middle Ages
What they did. Believed in four humors. Gave "cures". Risky as Used traditional cures,
Prescribed Herbal little knowledge on Herbal Remedies.
remedies. Sold drug human anatomy. Did Helpful for pregnancy
and medicine. basic amputations etc. and…

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Beveridge Snow Gutenberg
Where from? England England
What they did Wrote a report post Discovered that cholera Printing press.
WII. Said government's was being created Improved technology.
responsibility to care through dirty water in Was able to print books
for the people. Created the Thames. Couldn't in…

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Other facts. Florey and chain took Called it the magic Wasn't first to discover
his idea and massed bullet. penicillin.

Key Colo
Pre- history





Middle ages


Industrial revolution


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